colin the plumber ltd

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. The quality of the work and our attention to detail is important to us. Care is taken to ensure that the job area is certainly the same or even better than when we found it.

We try to prioritize jobs in an efficient manner. Immediate concerns can be dealt with right away if necessary. General plumbing needs, including renovations, can be scheduled as required.

We carry a good stock of plumbing parts and some fixtures with us and material including pipe to do most plumbing jobs and so there is no need to make any special trip to a plumbing store. If we do then no additional charge will be issued to the customer. We try to maintain a stock of most pressure fittings up to 1" and drainage fittings up to 2". And we have various larger ones as well depending on their use.

Services & repair

  • faucets, sink, toilet
  • garburators, dishwasher, humidifiers
  • water Softeners, R.O. Units
  • hot water heating, water heaters, Gas fitting
  • back flow testing